BIOEDUSCIENCE: Jurnal Pendidikan Biologi & Sains (in other words: BIOEDUSCIENCE) has always been committed to continuously improving the quality of scriptwriting in published articles. The history of quality change of BIOEDUSCIENCE article writing is as follows:

  • Volume 2 Number 1: We made a writing format change on the template's Header and Footer page, journal name, doi number location and ISSN layout. We also do the abstract addition in English.
  • Volume 2 Number 2: Change our page header and footer, ISSN layout and abstract background and the addition of titles in English. Our article licenses are also added with Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).
  • Volume 3 Number 1: Changes in writing we made to the writing of citations and references, in this release we already use the Reference Manager. Writing the citation on our text body does a color change indicating that it is a hyperlink to a bibliography.