BIOEDUSCIENCE: Jurnal Pendidikan Biologi & Sains (in other words: BIOEDUSCIENCE) has always been committed to continuously improving the quality of scriptwriting in published articles. The history of quality change of BIOEDUSCIENCE article writing is as follows:

  • Volume 2 Number 1: We made a writing format change on the template's Header and Footer page, journal name, doi number location and ISSN layout. We also do the abstract addition in English.
  • Volume 2 Number 2: Change our page header and footer, ISSN layout and abstract background and the addition of titles in English. Our article licenses are also added with Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).
  • Volume 3 Number 1: Changes in writing we made to the writing of citations and references, in this release we already use the Reference Manager. Writing the citation on our text body does a colour change indicating that it is a hyperlink to a bibliography.
  • Volume 4 Number 2: Starting from this issue, we made changes to the layout, size and font (Cambria),  and the English language. In addition, we have also changed the latest version of the manuscripts with new journal templates.
  • Volume 5 Number 1: Change of journal name. We use the name "BIOEDUSCIENCE" as a consequence of the name registered with the international ISSN and DOAJ. We have contacted LIPI to adjust the name and LIPI has approved and changed it to BIOEDUSCIENCE. We have also notified GARUDA by email of this change via the helpdesk. Starting in 2021, we are developing by increasing the number of publications to three times a year. We do this considering the enthusiasm of the writer is so great and we do not want to make writers wait long for the manuscripts they submit. Furthermore, the quality of the manuscripts remains our priority.