Journal Description

The first printed edition was published in June 2013. Meanwhile, KOMUNIKA  starts using the Online Journal System (OJS) in July 2019. Therefore, our publication from June 2013 till December 2015 was back issued. As we grow, we did some alterations in order to make an improvement. The author's guidelines were revised in June 2016 on the article interface. We also employ a journal template for Juli 2019 edition with additional title sours on the first page. Moreover, in the same edition, we also revise focus and scope. KOMUNIKA  aims to encourage research in communication studies. KOMUNIKA published two times every year in January and July.

Several other changes are informed in Journal History.

ISSN Information
Online ISSN : 2621-1645
Print ISSN : 1411-7029

Vol. 9 No. 2 (2022): Jurnal Komunika

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