Hubungan Disposisi Matematis terhadap Kemampuan Komunikasi Matematis Siswa Kelas VII di SMP Negeri 24 Jakarta

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Putri Risti Diningrum
Ervin Azhar
Ayu Faradillah


This research aims to know the correlation of mathematical disposition to student mathematical communication ability. This research was conducted in April 2018 with a sample of 43 student’s. Research method used survey through correlation technique. Data were obtained through the instrument of students mathematical communication ability test and student’s mathematical disposition instrument. After the Anova test obtained results of a linear and significant data from both variables. Hypothesis testing is done with correlation analysis obtained rxy = 0,591. Coefficient of determination obtained equal to 34,94 mean contribution mathematical disposition to student mathematical communication equal to 34,94%. Test the significance of correlation using t test, obtained thitung =  = ttabel which means H0 rejected, so the results of this research can be concluded that there is a correlation of mathematical disposition with student’s mathematical communication skills.



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