Pengaruh Model Problem Based Learning Berbantu Peta Pikiran terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa di SMA Malahayati Jakarta

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Fitri Ardiansyah
Slamet Soro
Rizki Dwi Siswanto


This research aims to determine the influence of problem based learning model on students’ math learning outcomes. This research was conducted at SMA Malahayati Jakarta in the even semester 2017/2018. This research uses Quasi Experimental; Posttest-only Control Design. Data collection using cluster random sampling obtained two classes which are XI MIA 1 and XI MIA 2. The assessment instrument is description test that has passed the validity and reliability test. Test validity with Pearson Product Moment correlation formula obtained all questions is valid. The reliability test shows it is reliable. Prerequisite, normality and homogeneity tests were conducted in both classes. Normality test uses Lilliefors formula and homogeneity uses Fisher test. Before the treatment, data of both classes were normal and homogeneous. The hypothesis test-t (H0) is accepted, there is no significant difference in learning outcomes between both classes. After the treatment, results obtained experimental class data are abnormal and control class data are normal. Since one of the data is abnormal, it is followed by Mann Whitney test to obtain Ucount = 186,5 so Zcount = -3,367. Based on the result of hypothesis test with p = 0.0004 <0,05 = α so hypothesis (H0) is rejected. It shows that there is influence of problem based learning model assisted mind map to students’ math learning outcomes.



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