Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Think Talk Write (TTW) Berbantu Prezi terhadap Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematis Siswa di SMP Negeri 20 Jakarta

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Hernita Hernita
Meyta Dwi Kurniasih
Hikmatul Khusna


The purpose of the resest to knowledge the effect student’s ability mathematical problem sovlingthat taught with cooperative learning model type think talk write assisted with prezi at 20 Junior High School. This study is quantitative research      and used Quasi Experimental. The study population is all students of grade VII at 20 Junior High School in the first semester of the academic year 2018/2019. Sampling technique using Cluster Random Sampling technique are 67 students. The instrument was used test description consist 8 qustions, and have gone through validity test, reliability test, difficult level test and distinguishing test. Research data has been tested normality and homogeneity of the obtained data were normally distributed and the both of class are homogeneous. Then proceed by testing the research hypothesis with the uji-t to get the value  that means  is rejected. This study concluded that there is the influence of cooperative learning model type Think Talk Write (TTW) with prezi to the student’s ablity of mathematical problem solving with a contribution of 0,648 classified as medium.



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