Pengaruh Strategi Knowledge Sharing Berbantu Software Geogebra terhadap Kemampuan Analogi Matematis Siswa di SMA Negeri 5 Jakarta

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Atiyah Salamah
Ishaq Nuriadin
Meyta Dwi Kurniasih


The purpose of this research is to find out know the effects of strategy knowledge sharing assisted software geogebra about student mathematical analogy abilityThis research held at 5 Senior High School Jakarta, for the ten grade student in the semester of 2017/2018 academic year. The research uses quasi experimental design method. The sampels are 72 student with 36 student in experiment class and 36 student in control class. The sample’s interpretation using random sampling. The instrument used in this study is the ability of students’ mathematical analogy. An instrument tested the validity of the contents of faces and construc with reliability produce an instrument valid and reliabel. Test precondition analysis done in this research by test Lilliefors and the homogeneity. After the received treatment, then the data in analyzed and the results obtained for the experiment class and control class is a normal distribution. As for the homogeneity test of variance obtained is not homogeneous. The results of the analysis data using t’ with standard 5% and accessible 4,406  2,03 so that rejected H0 . The result of this research concluded that the effects of strategy knowledge sharing assisted software geogebra student mathematical analogy ability. Increased obtained in middle category amounted to 0,793.



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