About the Journal

Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian  is an national journal published by Faculty of Pharmacy and Science University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA. Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian is aimed at being a medium for research results dissemination and scientific paper exchanges on the pharmaceutical field among academics, practitioners, regulators, and public. Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian is issued two times annually, i.e., in April, and October.The Editor receives rigorous research manuscripts that have not been offered for publication elsewhere. Since its first issue published in 2010. Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian has become a CrossRef Member since 2019. Therefore, all articles published by Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian will have unique DOI number with p-ISSN 2086-6968 dan e-ISSN 2621-9816. Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian also indexed by ISJD (Indonesian Scientific Journal Database) and Google Scholar. Mulai 2019, Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian telah terakreditasi SINTA.

Focus and Scope of Farmasains: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Kefarmasian 

The journal includes various fields of pharmaceuticals sciences such as: 

  1. Pharmaceutical technology: Formulation, Drug Delivery System, Pharmaceutical Industry, Physic and Chemical properties of drugs, Natural product formulation, Biopharmaceutical technology
  1. Pharmaceutical biology :Simplisia development, phytochemical drug, medicinal plants cultivation, microbiology, immunology, parasitology, biotechnology, biomedicinal
  2. Pharmacology:pharmacology-toxicology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics
  3. Pharmaceutical chemistry :Analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, enviromental chemistry, radiopharmacy
  4. Community and Clinical Pharmacy :pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomy, pharmaceutical policy analysis, pharmaceutical evaluation

Because of  OJS transition, our back issue can be downloaded from volume 1 number 1 to Volume 2 number 6 on the website http://farmasains.uhamka.ac.id