Peer Review Policy

SMJ uses a rigorous peer-review process to confirm the validity and ensure the scientific accuracy of the articles to be published. Independent reviewers with relevant expertise will evaluate the manuscripts received to assist journal editors in determining whether a manuscript is suitable for publication.


Type of Peer Review

SMJ uses the single-blind peer review system. Reviewers know the names of the authors, but the authors do not know who is reviewing their work.


Peer Review Process

The Editor in Chief and the Editorial Board will ensure the review process is carried out thoroughly and fairly with the highest scientific standards. The editorial team will conduct a preliminary examination of all papers submitted to ensure they comply with the submission guidelines, editorial policies and ethical standards. Upon completion of the internal inspection, each submission will be assessed by the Editor in Chief (and/or the Managing Editor) to decide whether to proceed with the peer-review process and to assign an appropriate editor. Editors will guide the peer review process according to their areas of expertise, with the help of qualified reviewers in relation to the content of the article and/or methodology. All articles, except editorial articles and some correspondence articles, will undergo a peer review process before a final decision on admission for publication is made. All editors, reviewers, and authors must comply with the editorial policies to maintain the quality of SMJ.


Peer Reviewers

Authors may recommend one (or more) reviewers. This reviewer(s) must have the latest publication records according to the manuscript submitted and may not be from the same organization as the author. The author must include the institutional email address or information that will make it easy to verify the identity of the reviewer suggested. The editor maintains the right to approve or disapprove any proposed reviewers, in accordance with the SMJ editorial policy.


Filing Appeals and Complaints

Any appeals of decisions, or complaints filed during the peer review process or after publication, must be submitted in writing to the SMJ editorial office. All cases will be handled in accordance with the applicable procedures.



SMJ will take all suspected potential violations seriously and will follow the relevant guidelines in their handling. In the case of suspected research or publication error, the editor or the publisher can contact and share the details of the submission with third parties, including the author’s institution and ethics committee in accordance with the applicable guidelines.