Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Multi-Platform pada Materi Peluang Tingkat SMA Sederajat

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Alrafiful Rahman
Ismah Ismah
Ismah Ismah


This research is to produce: (1) learning media developed in high school level opportunity opportunities, (2) the level of feasibility and student responses to learning media developed. This research is research and development (R & D) that uses the ADDIE model. The development procedure includes the stages of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. In the analysis phase literature analysis and analysis of field studies were carried out. This stage aims to analyze the problems faced and what solutions are needed to solve the problem. Based on the results of the literature analysis that researchers analyzed mathematics textbooks used by research schools, math dictionary books, and math books that researchers had. Based on the results of the field study analysis that in the learning activities found a lack of utilization of learning media and a lack of student understanding in linking mathematics lessons into everyday life .. The design phase is adjusted to the needs in learning activities. The development stage is carried out by material validation experts and media experts, a student as a user, and a field practitioner expert (teacher), then a product revision is carried out. The implementation phase at the Mandiri Bina Vocational School Depok in a small group test by 7 students and a large group test by 26 students. The results of this study are as follows: (1) learning media developed using construct 2 on opportunity material. (2) the level of feasibility of learning media is stated to be very feasible based on the results of material expert validation with a mean score of 3.85 categorized as very feasible, media experts with a mean score of 3.64 categorized as very feasible, validating a student towards learning media developed to be very feasible based on the user questionnaire sheet with a mean score of 3.45, and the expert practitioner field validation (teacher) of learning media is categorized as very feasible based on the teacher questionnaire with an average score of 4. Student responses to the learning media developed are very feasible based on a small group test with a mean score 3.29 and students' responses to the learning media that were developed received a very decent category based on a large group test with a mean score of 3.24.



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