The Development of Physics Modules Based on Integrated Concepts of Islamic Values on Particle Dynamics Material

  • Dewi Juita Tadris Biology Department, IAIN Kerinci
  • Yusmaridi M Department of Natural Sciences Physics, UIN Imam Bonjol
  • Alwis Alwis Department of Natural Sciences Physics, UIN Imam Bonjol
Keywords: modules, basic physics, concepts, islamic values


The development of basic physics modules based on the concept of integrated Islamic values was developed because there were not yet available teaching materials that were in line with the needs of students of the Department of Biology TAIN IAIN Kerinci. This study aims to provide an overview of modules that have been validated by a team of experts. This research uses the Plomp development model in the form of preliminary research, development or prototyping phase, and assessment phase. The developed module consists of a cover, preface, instruction for the use of the module, module description, course learning outcomes, lecture material (equipped with sample questions and discussion, concept column, the column of Islamic values that emerge from the module activity), concept understanding, exercise summary, evaluation, feedback, and bibliography. The study only explained about the module description that was generated after the research from the validation team.


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