Improvement Extensive Reading Interest Primary School Pupils Bone-Bilingual Book Covid-19 Pandemic

It is a case study at Cikarang Selatan

  • Ainayya Azzahra Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • Alya Rahayu Gunardi Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • Arsal Maulana Nugeraha Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • Muhammad Kemal Jatnika Almuharam Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • M. Taufik Hidayat Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • Muhammad Yazidus Syukri Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
  • Sylva Aulia Bandung State Polytechnic (Polban)
Keywords: Extensive reading, primary school pupils, Bone-bilingual book


The primary objective of this study is to achieved reading interest in primary school pupils ranged between 7 up to 13 years old at South Cikarang, Indonesia. This research is conducted as a community services program at Ciantra village the local RT/RW (hamlet) 24th /10 local regency sub-district on South Cikarang region. The research method used in this study by using extensive reading for children entitled Bone bilingual book used audio-visual learning through mentoring program, The preliminary and post-researches were conducted as a qualitative descriptive approach with a case study to reveal some benefits of this extensive reading program from 10 children as population and samples. The data collection method used is interview and questionnaire. The research finding as follows; 1) the partners were highly interested in reading Bone book, 2) easy to access the audios and visuals, and 3) very useful for mentoring activities. The reading habit and interest are also shown in this program. Finally, further research and study can be done in similar program to investigate next level of extensive reading through various teaching methodologies.


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