Keefektifan Permainan Geometri Berbasis Karakter terhadap Prestasi Belajar dan Apresiasi pada Matematika

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Valeria Suryani Kurnila
Maximus Tamur
Apolonia Hendrice Ramda
Alberta Parinters Makur


This study aims to 1) Describe the effectiveness of Character Based Geometry Games on learning achievement in mathematics; 2) Describe the effectiveness of Character-Based Geometry Games on the appreciation of mathematics and 3) Comparing the effectiveness between the Character-Based Geometry Games and demonstration methods against students’ mathematics learning achievement and appreciation of mathematics. This research was conducted at Kumba 1 Elementary School in Flores, NTT. The game used in this study is a character-based game. These games are developed into games that function to learn two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional figures. The rules of the game are packaged in such a way that they can improve essential characters in students. The research used was a quasi-experimental study with the Nonequivalent Control Group Design. Sampling was carried out by using Purposive Sampling technique. The t-test is used to determine the effectiveness of character-based mathematics games on learning achievement and appreciation of mathematics. Before using the test, the normality test was done by using the Skewness test, and then a homogeneity test was performed by using the Levene Test. To compare the effectiveness of the Character Based Geometry Game method with the demonstration method on learning achievement and appreciation of mathematics were analysed using the Hotelling T2 test. The results of the study showed that: 1) Character Based Geometry Games was effective in improving students’ learning achievement in mathematics. 2) Game of Character Based Geometry is effective in enhancing students’ appreciation of mathematics. 3) There is a difference between the effectiveness of character-based geometry game methods and demonstration methods towards the achievement of mathematics learning and appreciation of mathematics, where character-based geometry game methods are more effective than demonstration methods towards learning achievement in mathematics and appreciation of mathematics.



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