Pengembangan Film Animasi Matematika Barisan dan Deret Bilangan Kelas III SD Menggunakan Stop Motion Studio

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Yogi Wiratomo
Abdul Karim
Tohimin Apriyanto


The use of smart phones today has entered the world of children and become their lifestyle, kids really like game programs and animated films. To suppress the negative effects of smartphones, learning media are needed that can be used easily on smart phones.  Animated films as additional supplements in mathematics learning can facilitate mathematics learning in elementary school students. The research in this paper aims to develop a mathematical animation film based on Stop Motion for low grade elementary school students so that students are expected to learn mathematics with fun. This mathematical animation film based on Stop Motion was developed using the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) method with a sub discussion about rows and mathematical series of Class III Primary Schools. The results showed that this mathematical animation film could be well received by students and could be an additional learning mathematics.



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