Mozart Effect dan Implikasinya terhadap Disposisi Matematis Siswa

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Dianne Kusuma


Mathematics is a subject which is considered difficult by most students and they generally feel anxiously during learning activities. This condition can affect students' interest in learning mathematics and it will have an impact on students' achievement in mathematics. Mathematical disposition is the tendency of students to behave and act positively towards mathematics, and students' interest in learning is included in it. Mozart effect is music composition of Mozart K. 448 that is applied to mathematics learning. Mozart K. 448 has elements that give positive impact on humans’ prefrontal cortex. This study aims to conduct experiment to the 7th grade students of SMPN 1 Bojongsoang by applying Mozart effect during the mathematics learning activities. The method used in this study is experiment. The result of this study shows that students’ mathematical disposition which apply Mozart effect is better than students’ mathematical disposition which do not apply Mozart effect. Conclusion of this study is Mozart effect can improve students' mathematical disposition.



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