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This research aims to provide a comprehensive picture of student worksheet development (Student Worksheet) mathematics that ultimately produce a product of math student worksheet for 7th grade junior high school based on problem solving. This product is based on the results of the needs analysis against the mathematical competence should be owned by students 7th grade junior high school. Data retrieval tools in the form of the now questions for school teachers. Research procedures adapted from models of instructional development (MPI) m. Atwi Suparman which consists of a few steps, namely (1) identify needs and instructional purpose writing, (2) conduct analysis, (3) identify the behavior and characteristics of early learners, (4) write a special instructional purposes, (5) compiled the results of the study, the assessment tool (6) instructional strategies, (7) developing instructional materials, (8) carry out a formative evaluation. Namely research findings generated a learning material shaped the student Worksheet that corresponds with the purpose of learning math 7th grade junior high school students in semester 1.

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