Application of the Constructivism Method with a Conceptual Approach without Formulas in Uniform and Uniform Motion in Class X-Nursing Assistant


  • Dewi Lupiyati SMKN 28 Jakarta



Regular Motion, Uniform Movement, Constructivism Method


The low comprehension power of students in physics lessons in the material of Regular Straight Motion and Regularly Changing Straight Motion with the constructivist method of mastery of the material without formulas is a problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. To know the factors that cause it and the solution, it is necessary to conduct classroom action research to overcome it. The purpose of classroom action research is to use the constructivist method. The model of mastery of the material without a formula is expected to improve the quality of student learning in the GLB and GLBB material. The implementation of research follows standard procedures, namely starting from the planning stage, implementing / acting, observing/observing, and ending with reflection. Reflection is an activity to analyze research data to take a stance to be continued or deemed sufficient in this research. Data from cycle I and the following process show an increase in learning outcomes. So it is hoped that CAR will be used as a culture for professional teacher performance.


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