1. It is typed in Microsoft Word with the font being used is Time New Roman size 12.
  2. Do not use indent for the first paragraph and no space is needed between paragraphs. The following paragraphs is indented first line 0.75cm.
  3. The number of words should be 5,000 to 8,000, excluding appendices.
  4. British or American spelling can be used, but it must be consistent throughout the article.
  5. The article should be completed with the name of author, email, and institution.
  6. Research-based articles will be prioritised; viewpoint/argumentative research articles, however, will also be considered for publication.
  7. For a research-based article, the outline consists of 8 sections without number: Abstract (in English and Indonesian) + key words, Introduction, Method(s), Findings and Discussion, Conclusion (and Recommendation),The Author, References + Appendix (optional).
  8. Abstract should not exceed 200 words.
  9. The contains of introduction, methods, findings and discussion, and conlusion can be seen in the papaer template.
  10. Quotation and references should follows APA. The following are some examples of APA system of referencing: