Peer Review Process

Every incoming manuscript is assessed based on:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Contribution to scientific development
  3. Compliance to the ARKAVI theme
  4. Coherence of analysis
  5. Grammar is in accordance with ARKAVI's environmental style

Articles submitted to the ARKAVI Journal are carried out in two stages, namely initial review (writing and language review) and scientific review (substance review).

The initial review is conducted by the editorial board to see the suitability of the article with the focus and scope of the journal and it’s requirements (e.g. the bibliograhy/ refference writing style). Examination of plagiarism is done through a search on Google. Initial review will take 1 to 2 weeks.

Scientific or substance review is conducted by at least 1 reviewer on a single blind basis. The review time is 3-8 weeks. The reviewer(s) may request a re-review after the author has revised the article if requested by the scientific reviewer (s).

The decision to accept or to refuse the article to be published is the authority of the Chief Editor based on recommendations from reviewers. Articles that have been accepted and layout will be published in the In Progress number or in the next number before the regular number is published. This schedule is to ensure that the article will be indexed and citable immediately.

If you want to become a reviewer in the ARKAVI Journal, please complete the online application form. We will register you as a reviewer and writer in the ARKAVI journal within 5 working days. Account information in the form of a username and password will be sent to your email.